In order to provide better service for its customers, SAINT VALAIS LIMITED demands some personal information (name, age, e-mail, fields of interest etc.) from it’s members.

The information collected on SV servers are only used for periodical campaign works, building special promotional activities related to the customer profiles and customer “classification” works with respect to non-submittal of undesired e-mails. SV does not share the information collected from the membership forms with the third parties, does not use or sell them for commercial purposes by any non-operational reasons whatsoever, unless such member is notified or has a contrary instruction.

SV analyzes and interprets visitor movements and preferences which are monitored through the website use, other than e-mail addresses and the personal information requested in the membership forms. The statistical data which does not contain personal information can be shared with SV business partners in order to enable SV customers a more special and effective shopping experience.

The customer information can be disclosed to the official authorities only if such information is duly demanded by such authorities and if it is required to disclose to the official authorities in compliance with the applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation

All information entered into the system by customers can only be accessed and changed by those customers. It is not possible for others to access and change such information.

All the credit card transactions and approvals used by the customer on the website are carried out independent from SV, and are between the relevant Bank or similar Card Institutions and the online member. (The information such as credit card password are not seen and recorded by SV).

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