Q&A with Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon

Our Co-Founder goes to the Olympics

The road to the Olympics is a tough one, one that involves a lot of hard work and is filled with obstacles at every corner. Two years ago one of our co-founders Alexander decided he would dedicate himself to qualify for the 2018 Olympics representing Team GB, here is what he had to say about it.

Where it started...

How did you get into skiing ?

Growing up in the snowless city of Hong Kong skiing is not the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily skiing runs in the bloodline, my grandfather won a medal for ski jumping at the olympics. My parents owned an apartment in Mammoth lakes California, so we’d always go there on holiday.

How the hobby become a career ? 

Not having snow in Hong Kong meant that I had to find other hobbies to occupy myself so I would skateboard around the city. Once i graduated from High school i took a gap year to pursuit skiing and never looked back.

What was the sport like when you started ?

Freestyle skiing being such a young sport, having transitioned from hotdogging to mogul skiing. When i first started getting into it I saw pioneers such as jon olsson and candide thovex leading the pack and boosting out of the half pipe and massive jumps, I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement.

The Olympics - Korea 2018

Tell us about the Olympics ?

The Olympics was honestly the most surreal experience of my life, looking back it looks like a massive vivid dream that never happened. This surreal experience felt like an unbelievable high, since the olympic cycle only comes around every 4 years, you sacrifice 4 years of your life sweating, bleeding and crying to get there. Once there I met some unbelievable individuals, and was lucky enough to share the experience with them and now have some close friends for life.

What was you’re training like before the Olympics ?

Before the Olympics I was on a strict training regime but also unfortunately plagued by injuries leading up to them. I tore my ACL and meniscus twice which was a major set back to me having to start my training again from scratch. Going into the Olympics I didn’t have time to get my ACL in my left knee repaired, so I has a smaller surgery 6 months prior which reduced the pain when skiing. This all meant I had to maintain a strict physio and the gym regime 6 times a week on top of the ski training.

And how about now ?

Now that the Olympics are over I can finally relax and focus on finishing my degree and filming and skiing for fun!

Life & Work

How do you balance skiing with Saint Valais ?

Saint Valais embodies the mountain and city lifestyle which I’m very luckily to be able to experience both. With skiing being a massive part of Saint Valais and my life, I can kill two birds with one stone.
Behind the scenes with Saint Valais we’ve pretty much built our brand over the internet and means we can pretty much do everything from our laptops or phones. As I am right now typing this on my phone on a chairlift between laps.

What’s next for you ?

I’m slowly “retiring” from the competition circuit, although this won’t slow down my skiing. My bodies almost back to 100% for the first time in 3 years and I’ve just come back from a film trip with my good friend and roommate Tom Christie. Really trying to transition away from being a comp jock to a film rider.

Now that the Olympics are over I can finally relax and focus on finishing my degree and filming and skiing for fun!

Favourite piece of Saint Valais clothing?

Knit Beanie

Honestly the Saint Valais knit beanie is my all time favourite. They’re so popular that my flat mates and friends keep stealing mine! Haha What makes this product so great is that the packaging is reusable and makes a perfect present for anyone!

Brera Bomber

Another essential item in my wardrobe is the brera bomber jacket. Having its down insulation and water resistant outer shell, it’s the perfect jacket for riding on the hill and has a beautiful silhouette so I can go straight to the airport after riding and never look out of place. I can’t go anywhere without it, with heaps of pockets it’s the perfect jacket for travelling. 

It’s a flexible jacket that can be worn dressed down at the après ski or going out to dinner in LA.

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