the largest ski trip in the world

The Oxbridge Varsity ski trip

In December of 2017 and 2018 we Collaborated with the Oxbridge Varsity Ski Trip to provide jackets for the oldest and largest ski trip in the world. The trip consists of 3000 students that make their way to tinges for a week in the snow, the collaboration allowed us to make something different with our original parka jacket and gather great feedback on its performance and practicality.

Oxford Racing Team

O.U.S.C. Hybrid Jacket

In 2018 we also collaborated with the Oxford Racing team to bring our hybrid jacket concept to life, a jacket we have been developing for a number of years. The jacket features a single layer shell with neoprene blended pressure points which help remove perspiration as quickly as possible while increasing the comfort and fit.

Varsity Trip 2017

Custom SV Parka

Our first collaboration was based on our Original SV parka carrying the same shape and design combined with custom elements and prints.

Varsity Trip 2018

Varsity + St. Valais Parka

For ur second collaboration we wanted to create something different to what we had done the previous year therefore we designed a jacket from scratch, to maximise its comfort and practicality for the trips reps and committee members. this meant having large pockets for walkie talkies and superior protection from the elements with an extended hood.  


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