Our ongoing collaboration

Team Galag & their Epic Rallies

Known for their crazy rallies across some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer, our friends at team galag often traverse treacherous roads with harsh outdoor conditions from the far corners of icy Norway to the empty deserts of Saudi Arabia. Galag x Saint Valais collaborations have become some of our most popular products, created to perform wherever the road takes them. The collaborations feature a steady blend of high quality technical materials, stylish & practical design with careful attention to detail throughout to create a product that is not only fit for purpose but also high quality to fit the rare and legendary cars that are used on the trips.

The Snow Tour Vol. I

Galag x Saint Valais Parka

It all started with the original snow tour, from denmark to the far corners of sweden where temperatures would range from -5 to -10 at sea level and colder around the mountains. The Collaboration featured our original SV parka jacket with team galag prints added to the outer panels.

The Snow Tour Vol. II

Galag x Saint Valais Rally Bomber Jacket

Volume 2 of the snow tour took the group the norway starting in oslo and heading up towards the snowy country roads and frozen lake race tracks. Here we went for a different approach working closely with galag to create a built for purpose bomber jacket which featured a water resistant outer fabric durable antibacterial inner lining and quick dry insulation. 

The Desert Tour

The Deserts, Mountains & Cities of Saudi Arabia

The desert tour is perhaps the most unique trips in the that team galag have taken, a journey through the cities mountains and deserts of saudi arabia, the trip also saw them traverse through the most rural lands they have ever visited with 4 days navigating through the desert by compass and stars and no signal. We knew that our collaboration here would have to be a special one as the team would pass through all kinds of climates from warm days to sub zero nights, sand storms and treacherous mountain passes and more. 

The All Climate Parka

Our Most Technological Jacket to Date

The All Climate Parka is a culmination of our countless hours of research, development and tireless testing with our team of professional and Olympic athletes. Working closely with Galag for the best part of 2018 we homed in on what worked best with our previous collabs and focused on providing the features and technology necessary to perform in different environments without compromising the fit and casual nature our outerwear is known for.


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