London - John Ogroats

Driving the Scottish Highlands and the NC 500

Our epic road trip from London to the Scottish highlands and the NC 500, 3000 miles to the furthest corner of the British island and back again, one lost exhaust, two dead headlights and a whole load of new stories to be told for years to come. 

The Trip

London to the North

We set off on our search for epic roads and highland landscapes, in the mid afternoon on a Friday. 10 hours later two near break downs and a few gallons of coffee later we hit Scotland in the early hours of the morning, exhausted yet exited to get the trip going.

The Cars

The champions of their era

Our vehicles for the trip were a 1986 Mini, 1987 Fiat Sisley panda 4×4 and a pegeout 106. Given the age of the cars and the fact none of them were designed to cover large distances we knew we were in trouble.

The N.C. 500

Scotland’s answer to route 66

For those who haven’t heard of the NC 500 its considered to be Scotlands answer to route 66, an epic driving road that arguably takes you thru the best of what Scotland has to offer. 

The Scottish Highlands

Into the unknown

Scotland is often low on the list when it comes to summer holiday destination, it rains and its cold and that’s not what people are usually looking for. But but that aside and you are left with some of the most beautiful scenery that can be found in the United Kingdom and along with that epic driving roads, plenty of wild life not to mention the Scottish whisky.. in other words the perfect recipe for adventure.

The End

It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong

The trip was a success, full of adventure, good food, great roads and plenty of new stories to tell. despite the rain & the breakdowns, somewhere between the middle of nowhere and Ullapool we found a break in the weather and what might be the best driving road the British island has to offer.

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