Frames is a linear narrative that follows the perspective of film maker Edward Foster as he journeys from his home in Hong Kong to the vast mountain ranges of interior British Columbia. It is through his travels across the pacific that he begins to visually contrast his life to that of Kieran Nikula, a professional skier born and raised in B.C.

The Setup

Saint Valais of mountain and city.


Cinematography By:
Eddie Foster

Edited By:
Leigh Powis

Team Galag

Snow Tour

Team Galags notorious adventures in Norway.

George Scott


George Scott enjoying the last few days of the 2015/16 season in Mammoth Lakes California and Mayrhofen Austria.
Film: Tom Christie

Alexander Yeadon 2017

Alexander Yeadon doing some stunts at Mammoth Mountain this year

Film/Edit: Tom Christie

Brera Bomber

Our new down feather insulated Brera bomber jacket brings a stylish yet practical balance for the mountain and the city.

Parka 1

Hooded winter jacket with detachable raccoon fur and lapel. Woven polyester fabric allowing…

Poster Series

True to size semi tailored

Dane Kirk 2017

Dane kirk shredding the mountain and the city in his latest video.